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Having a good digital game is hard.

As the owner of or marketer for your business, you want to KNOW you’ve optimized your website and campaigns.

You want to know you’re not leaving money on the table.

But statistically speaking, you probably are.

The good news is when you understand the problem and how to fix it, it’ll change everything.

The bad news is that most digital agencies aren’t focussed on the real, underlying issues and are happy to sell you anything from their laundry list of services.

We get it. They don’t want to miss out on a potential client.

And ironically, it’s the same problem you have.

The problem

If you’re like most – and I mean the vast majority of companies, your all-things-to-all-people approach means you’re selling fewer things to fewer people.

But you’re going fix this. And the fact that your competitors won’t … will be your opportunity.

Let’s take stock:

  • You have a decent sized subscriber list (or lists).
  • You create regular blog posts to attract and engage.
  • You send broadcast campaigns regularly.

You are working it.

It’s just not working for you. How could that be?

Here’s the thing…

More traffic isn’t enough.

More leads aren’t enough.

A big list is not enough.

You’re overlooking the secret lying in plain sight

An email address is a lead. It’s what you do with that email address that makes all the difference.

If the bulk of your sales come from the people on your list, then building your list is of prime importance and an email address is all we need.

Let’s take a look at three different people on your list:



Sarah races high-performance road bikes. She’s competitive and looking for anything that will elevate her to a podium finish – from shedding 100 grams of weight from her carbon bike to the right protein bar to fuel her longer races.



Jim’s new to mountain biking and is trying to lose weight. He considers bikes expensive and he’s still trying to figure out if he can overcome his fear and really embrace this as his sport.



Dave commutes to work by bike year-round. He needs a reliable, decent quality bike and a range of gear and clothing to deal with all four seasons.

Happily, they’re all subscribers to your newsletter.

Sadly, the number of emails and offers each gets that has nothing to do with their interests means that they’re opening fewer and fewer of your emails. That also means they’re on your site less and less.

And one day … they just… forget about you.

They don’t stop riding though. They just move on to someone that “gets them”.

The Solution

The key to being a great salesperson is being a good listener. Great salespeople learn what each customer wants (and why) so they can guide them to the right product with the right offer.

Your digital marketing can do the same thing: listen, learn and connect at a scale no salesperson could achieve.

Harness the Power of Personal

Our Digital Marketing Framework harnesses what we call the “Power of Personal” and puts it on autopilot.

When you focus on the end-game (personalized, automated systems that listen and learn), everything else from the way you generate leads on your website to your Facebook ads will fall into place.

Think about it. One-size-fits-all campaigns or broadcasts have short shelf lives. They’re up and down, spray and pray. You’re slave to a content-producing hamster wheel.

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Put it on autopilot so it runs 24/7/365. That’s the key to more leads that turn into more sales.

Consider this example:
When Sarah our bike racer signs up for your “5 Foods for Better Performance Checklist” she’ll be identified as a good fit for your “Road Cyclists” and “Racing” segments and be placed into your Performance Followup automation. No more downhill, thrill-seeking Red Bull Rampage-type content in her inbox. From now on Sarah will be getting emails on racing specific nutrition, equipment, and competition related products that people like her care about.

Your future can look like this:

  • Your blog posts will have purpose and measurable ROI
  • Your website content will be structured and optimized to generate specific types of leads
  • You’ll have a system to capture and store your leads that listens and learns what they really want, building behavior driven profiles that will drive your…
  • Automated, personalized, targeted follow-up to welcome, nurture and guide your prospects to a sale and then upsell and cross-sell increasing their lifetime value.

All by design.

And that applies equally to companies that sell online, need to sell through and drive demand at the retail level and to companies with high-ticket products that have longer lead-to-sales cycles.

It. Just. Works.

We’ll help you break out of the one-size-fits-all habit.

Because you can’t be all things to all people, we’ll help you be different things to different people!

Find out how we can help you.