Building Blocks: the foundation of success

Generating leads and turning those leads into sales relies on a deep understanding of your different customers. Your digital marketing success depends on these building blocks: Vision & Goals. Positioning. Customer Avatars. Segmentation. Left to our own devices, we will not do the foundational work for our own businesses that ironically is so critical to sales and marketing success. How do we know this? Because over the past 20 years, these are the things clients often want to skip. They want to dive into the big things like optimizing their websites and building sales automations.

Vision & Goals

It’s the role of the leadership of any firm to have a clear vision for the company. From that vision come specifiic goals and how it is anticipated the team will hit them. 

Simple enough, right? Many firms lack a clear vision and fail to set goals. Or, if they do, it isn’t widely understood throughout the company. 

We help clients develop simple processes to better develop and articulate where you’re heading and how it’s expected you’ll get there. It’s the important first step for marketing directors to translate business objectives into digital marketing targets. It will surprise you how changes at the top can ignite better results.


Positioning is simply what you do or offer for whom. Sounds pretty simple, right? Then why do so many companies fail to plant their flag in the competitive landscape? Positioning for some companies may mean niching down – or focussing your products or services on a very specific niche of the overall market. It can mean infusing your brand with perspective that will attract some, and repel others. Because as it turns out, being all things to all people is usually the road to middling results. You simply must convey something that sets you apart. It’s really the cornerstone of better lead generation and funnel activation. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective for you to take a fresh look at how others are looking at you.

Customer Avatars

If proper segmentation (which we’ll discuss in a moment) is the key to rock solid sales and marketing automation, then understanding your various ideal customers is key to those segments and writing better copy — take-my-money copy. Knowing your customer is essential to better sales. If we know that, why do so many of us want to skip the process of documenting who our best-fit clients are? How old are they? What gender? What kinds of products are they interested in you? Why are they interested? What are they aspiring to? Where do they hang out? What do they read? What groups do they belong to? We’ll help you create profiles of clients most likely to become subscribers and buyers. What starts out as a best-guess will be updated over time with the data you collect so you can adjust your marketing from your Facebook ads to your highly personalized emails and offers.


Properly segmenting your audience is key to building effective automations. If you own a cycling business, knowing someone is a cyclist isn’t that helpful. Knowing that they’re a mountain biker puts them in one of your big buckets. Based on the pages they visit on your site, products in their cart and lead magnets they sign up for, you learn that that person is an all-mountain, weekend warrior. You even learn your subscriber is female. Time to stop sending this potential customer all those emails about road bikes and bib shorts for men and time to sell her exactly what she’s on the hunt for – that 29’er, $8500 full-suspension mountain bike … on autopilot. Segmentation is tricky business. And your contacts will often belong to more than one segment. But segments power automation and that’s why we help clients with this critical block that helps tie all your efforts together. Want to find out how strong your foundation is? Get started here…