Coaching Program

Hire us as a coach

And we’ll share everything we know with your team to make it easier to be better.

Mindset + Framework + Accountability

There’s always a lot of pressure to deliver bottom-line results. It’s often why marketers and owners search in near-desperation for the latest tactic or digital marketing gimmick.

Our Roadmapping sessions and resulting Game Plan is the starting point for a journey to first change the mindset of your team from profit-limiting structures and habits to embracing the destination and how we’ll get there.

Because when we do, you’re almost guaranteed to be ahead of the competitive curve.

Left to our own devices, as business owners and stressed marketers, we’ll skip over the building blocks that make our marketing potent.

As your coach, we’ll work through our program so that your digital marketing has a strong foundation to build on.

Get the guidance you need when you need it.

We’ll help guide your team to better lead management right down to the nitty gritty details of formulating your “tagging bible”. And we’ll help you avoid mistakes with best practices as you build your automations.

We’ll help guide your web developers from content and lead capture strategies to tool suggestions.

We’ll help you attract the kind of content specialists that may be missing from your team.

Bi-weekly meetings will help keep your team on track and accountable. We’ll be available to answer questions so you can navigate the learning curve quickly and efficiently.

We’ll share the worksheets and content creation framework documents we’ve created for our Quarterback clients that will help you know exactly what kind of content you need to create to generate specific types of leads.

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