Hi! Welcome to Quarterback.

We help our clients by building end-to-end digital marketing systems that attract, convert and nurture leads for their B2C sales teams. We produce useful content that assists their clients in the buying decision. We strive to create tailored experiences for their different prospect segments.

We’re looking for a well-rounded marketer to keep our content marketing machine humming along. First and foremost, you’re a good writer. You know what it takes to get an email opened and readers clicking through to the content that you’re helping to get published. As an editor, you’re able to ensure an article in on-point and achieving its goal. And as a manager, you’re organized and ensuring everything is on schedule and running like a well-oiled machine.

And because you know what goes into a great article, any feedback you provide to our writers is constructive and pleasant.

Position Type

This is a freelance position offering regular, weekly hours working remotely.

Core Skills for this role:

  • Digital marketing experience — you know your CTAs from your conversions. You don’t have to know it all, but you understand what it takes to move the needle.
  • You can write engaging emails — experience writing winning email campaigns is important. You know what it takes to get an email opened and engage an audience to click through. It goes without saying, you have a strong command of the English language.
  • Editing skills — You know how to evaluate articles against their objectives, edit copy when necessary and provide feedback to our writers to advance their work over time. You can write attention-grabbing headlines and conversion-getting CTAs.
  • Project Management — as the content marketing project manager, you are organized and making sure everything is progressing on schedule. With our easy-to-use tools, you’ll check in on deadlines and make sure all campaigns are making their way through the pipeline on schedule – jumping in to edit and provide feedback along the way. You are comfortable with multi-tasking, managing multiple priorities and meeting several, often movable, deadlines.
  • An eye for visuals – You’ll be prepping all articles for the publishing team. That means you have good taste in visuals. We’ll also help coach you on any design side skills and tools you may not have right now. But to be clear, that’s a minor part of this role and we know you are not a designer.
  • Testing – the devil is in the details and you know testing is absolutely essential for quality control.

Personal attributes & experience:

We’re looking for a bit of a rounder here. As in all-rounder when it comes to content. That means that while you’re a skilled editor with impeccable grammar skills, you can sit down and bang out an email that will ensure our readers won’t want to miss a thing. Think of yourself as the air traffic controller making sure we get each new piece of content to a successful touchdown.

You’ve spent at least two years in content marketing and can adapt your writing style to the voice of the client.

You’re a full-time freelancer and available to collaborate online with our team during our 9-5 ET hours.

You’re a self-motivated, positive, helpful person that provides input to our writers in a very constructive way. If you never stop learning, you’ll fit in well with us. Organization and feeling on top of things is the only way you cope.

You’re fun and love a good laugh. You’re responsive and responsible.

What we’ll provide:

If you possess the core skills, we’ll coach you on the Quarterback Model for digital marketing, work with you to understand our valued clients and help you become the master of your domain.

It’s our job to set you up for success – we get that. You’ll get the support you need to rock your position with us. And who knows, if we enjoy working together and you feel you have more value to offer, we are open to helping you grow with us.

We pay promptly. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Interested? Please take a moment and tell us more about you.