How do you get unstuck? Where to start?

Get an expert evaluation and an action plan so you can go forth and conquer.

There’s a good chance you’re frustrated with your marketing. You need more leads. Leads that turn into sales.

If you’ve taken advantage of our free Get Unstuck video series then you’ll know what’s working for our clients WILL work for you.

Not can - will.

But you need to get started because every day you remain stuck, is another day you’re not generating leads and getting them into your well oiled machine.

One of the hardest parts about getting your machine fired up, is evaluating where you stand today. Leads start with your website. And after 16 years of building conversion-oriented sites and working with great clients, I can tell you the worst person to evaluate your site as it stands today … may be you!

Here are just some of the reasons why you’re probably not the person to identify the problems:

  • The 𝞹r2 problem - To you and your team your sales pitch is crystal clear but your lingo and jargon are greek to your audience. The bigger issue may be effective positioning.
  • You’re not an optimization expert able to identify conversion killing site architecture and design problems.
  • Your content isn’t setup to generate leads. And you’re not sure what content to create to do that.
  • You’re not sure what best practices to implement when capturing a new lead (that will set you up for success down the road aka, a sale) and…
  • You’re not sure how to automate your leads to manage your leads and automate laser targeted campaigns to move them to the goal line.

But knowing these things is the first step toward your well oiled machine.

Look at this example.

This client sells a 6-figure product in a niche market. When we evaluated what wasn’t working and fixed their lead generation issues here’s what happened:


They went from 45 new leads per month to 271 net new leads per month. Put another way, it would have taken them 6 months to add the number of new leads into their pipeline that we now add in a single month.

None of us can afford to delay opportunity by 6x.

And once you’re there - reliably generating more leads than you ever have before, you’ll need a system to effectively manage them and automate that management so that opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. And this is where so many - probably most - small and medium sized businesses are struggling. How to manage their leads and turn them into sales.

So here’s how to get started.

No, you don’t have to become one of our Game Plan clients. But what you can do is get an expert to evaluate where you’re at. Is your website a reno or a tear-down? Where are you leaking leads? What comes first, second, third and fourth in your action plan?

That’s where our Huddle session comes in. We’ll do our homework in advance and come to our one-hour session armed with insights and an action plan so you can go forth and conquer.

It might just rock your world. Our goal is to re-set your expectations and get you on the road to prosperity.

What’s the value of one lead for your company? If you can 6x your leads in a couple of months this session is going to look like a pretty good investment!

Here's how it works:



Sign up & select a time for your session

The time slots set aside per week go quickly, so select a time that works for you (and if you can’t find one, send me an email and we’ll make a different time work)

ChartSTEP 2

We’ll do our homework.

We’ll follow up with a few questions for you so we can learn more about where you’re at today, what your goals and frustrations are. Then we’ll assess your website and other online strategies against the checklist we use to assess our Quarterback clients.



Your Coaching Session

This is where the rubber hits the road. We’ll share our findings with you and work through an action plan so you know what you need to attack first to get your lead generating machine humming along. Ask us questions, find out about the tools we can’t live without. Our goal is to have you leave the session knowing where you’re going, what to do next and why.



Your Action Plan

We’ll follow up with your action plan - specific to where you’re at today and what you need to do - step-by-step. We’ll also provide our content checklist and Quarterback’s Content Framework that will tie your entire sales machine together so you know what kind of content you need to generate new leads and produce more sales.

The most important step of all is next: IMPLEMENT!

The best, most actionable advice in the world won’t make you a nickle if you don’t implement your Action Plan.

Learn and implement ... lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s the only way you’ll move the needle.

Unfortunately, there are only so many productive hours in the day and you’re busy doing what you do best … running your business. So if you don’t have a digital marketing team on staff we can help you implement your Action Plan.

In the end, for our Game Plan clients, the cost is a fraction of the cost of hiring a team of content creators, strategists, analysts, designers and developers to implement the strategy, automation experts - you get the picture.

Start with the Action Plan, if you want us to help you every step of the way, you’ll get full credit when you become a Game Plan client.