Who’s YOUR Harley Finkelstein?

Harley Finklestein

t’s a question for all ambitious, growth-minded entrepreneurs.

The reality is, you won’t achieve your big audacious goals without you… or an equal or better alternative to you within your firm to get out there and spread the good word and grow your following.

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Stop! Don’t build that new website

Why is it at the first sign (or more likely hundredth sign) of weak marketing performance, the first thing we do is… build another website? It’s not a top 10 reaction. It’s number one, friend. Let’s check in with the symptoms…

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How you can be like Nike

Anyone who’s read Shoe Dogs – Nike founder, Phil Knight’s excellent biography —  will know his disdain for marketers and utter disregard for advertising lasted into the tail-end of the seventies when Nike was already a force to be reckoned with. His argument was that advertising could not be quantified.

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Why Game Planning is a game changer

Proposals are time consuming and because they are unpaid, agencies are likely to rush through them. And because the agency lacks most of the information they need, they could be suggesting and quoting on the wrong solution altogether.

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