Better Lead Management

Lead management sits at the nexus of lead generation and sales automation.

We help clients level up from basic tools like Mailchimp or get where they need to go with email sending platforms built for custom, dynamic automated follow up.

If your website is optimized to generate specific types of leads and progressively profile your subscribers to trigger email followup people actually ask to receive, then it stands to reason that you’ve got have the right tool and a strategy dialled to bring your website and email funnels together so they can work in concert.


  • Subscriber and customer data, communications and analytics (at an individual level) all in one place.
  • Contact profiles that build themselves over time.
  • Enabling your sales team (if your sales are offline) with lead scoring that tells you who’s hot right now.
  • Custom deal pipelines that allow you to focus on critical leads and customers at critical moments.
  • Leveraging this intelligence to automatically deliver exactly what your subscriber wants at the moment they want it.

We help migrate clients to solutions that make all of this possible — affordably — without all the complexity of older tools. More importantly, we create a migration plan that helps tame out-of-control lists, create a tagging bible crucial for proper segmentation and build out the automations and deal pipelines that power your machine.

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