Generating more leads

Your website exists to generate leads

…and sales if you sell online.

That may not come as a shock but it’s amazing how easily we lose sight of this overall objective.

And once we work on the end-to-end mindset of our framework, you’ll realize that your website and the content you create and invest in, exists to generate specific leads.

Based on your segments – groups of potential customers with specific needs and wants for specific reasons – our job is to provide content that allows individuals to raise their hands and say “that’s me” and willingly trade their email address for your valuable content or offer.

That’s why your first sale — the $0 sale — may be your most profitable because it opens the doors to welcome them into your tribe and provide exactly what they’re looking for (and none of the other stuff).

Progressively profiling your visitors allows us to serve them better by delivering content and products tailored to their needs.

High performing websites are designed for conversions. We look at:

  • Site structure – what goes where.
  • Design
  • Lead capture tools
  • Copy – from sales pages, to blog posts to button copy on forms. Nothing matters more.
  • Positioning – how you position your firm in the competitive landscape is vital.
  • Content types for segment.
  • The ways in which you generate a lead.
  • Mobile performance.
  • Analytics – finding gaps and opportunities.
  • Synchronization of website lead generation and funnels with your email automations.

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