Personalized Marketing Automation

Personalization drives results

The recently released Publish or Perish analysis of 380 CMOs by Forbes found that marketers that deliver personalized web experiences are getting net double digit returns in marketing performance and response.

If you look beyond the basics, as in personalizing emails with your subscriber’s first names, and start to recognize and record what your most valuable prospects and customers have in common, you’ll start to think of ways how you can personalize content and special offers based on how your prospective customers will likely respond.

We accomplish this using tools that listen and learn about what your customers are actually doing – on your website and with your emails.

Armed with a better understanding about what your customers really want and value, we take this knowledge and design automations, that are designed to deliver the right message to the right people at (you guessed it) the right time.

Automation has a hidden benefit for your content. When you combine personalization with automation your high value blog posts and product pages can now be repurposed in perpetuity, delivered to the people on your list who value them most.

Contact us to find out how marketing automation and personalization can make a real difference in your marketing strategy.